Beads, Rhymes & Life a high quality line of beaded accessories hand-crafted by myself, Tara "T-Rhyme" Campbell.
Beads, Rhymes & Life was established in 2011 and has since grown in popularity. 

"I began seeing beaded art at a young age, my Setsuné (grandmother [Denesuliné] ) Rose was a skilled and intricate beader who heavily influenced and inspired me to begin the learning process. It was when I learned I was carrying my second child, whom I named after my Setsuné, that I decided it was time to take the craftwork more seriously."

What began as a simple beaded earrings trend, has since flourished into a platform for modern beaded accessories. 
Tara uses an array of conventional and traditional mediums in her work. More recently porcupine quills, carved arrowheads and authentic smoked moose hide have been incorporated into the art.
Each piece is carefully crafted by hand and will remain unique as no duplicates will be made.

Beads, Rhymes & Life Presents:

Beaded Bolo Chokers

Special Thanks to Darian, Mika & Josh for their time, style and grace.

Photography by Sweetmoon Photography